For Sellers

Sell-side Transactions

BSC advises clients on sell-side transactions and divestitures. Our professionals work hand-in-hand with the senior management team to execute the sale with minimum disruptions to the operations. In each sale process we:

  • Prepare a confidential offering memorandum
  • Develop a pipeline of potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Oversee data room preparation
  • Develop a general strategy for accomplishing the transaction, including the structure, conditions, and financial terms
  • Lead the negotiations with each prospective buyer
  • Perform general due diligence on the prospective buyer
  • Execute the transaction, including coordinating outside legal, accounting, and tax advisers as necessary

You can trust that we utilize our network of financial and strategic buyers to assure the highest selling price for every deal.

Selling a Family Business


For many families, the family business represents not only the family’s largest asset, but also its history of visions shared, challenges overcome, and goals achieved. The very things that make a family business enjoyable—participation of different generations in the business, shared interest in the financial success of the firm, passing on traditions from generation to generation—can also create tensions when the time comes to sell the family business.

Questions to ask when considering selling a family business:

  • What is the role and compensation of family members going forward?
  • How do you know a fair value for the firm?
  • Is the best offer a lower bid that pays all cash now, or a higher bid that pays some cash now and the rest later, depending upon the future performance of the business?
With questions like these, family members may have legitimately different views. Understanding why these differences arise, and understanding how to manage them in a fair, honest, and fact-based way is as essential to the successful sale of a family business as the traditional tools of valuation, negotiation, and execution. BSC works with family businesses to work through succession planning. Our professionals provide an independent review of the strategic alternatives. Depending on the needs of the family, BSC can assist with a partial sale, a complete sale, or a recapitalization to provide owner liquidity. Our professionals work with the family to build a team, develop the appropriate marketing documents, and manage the transaction process.

Selling a Portfolio Company

Led by seasoned partners with investment banking, legal, and corporate backgrounds, we provide a turnkey solution to private equity firms seeking to outsource their portfolio divestiture process. This allows general partners to focus their efforts in areas where value creation is highest, while confidently assuring that divestitures are professionally executed.

BSC offers firms a professional, complete solution. From initial valuation through development of marketing materials and prospects, to managing the auction and closing the transaction, our professionals bring high-energy, sell-side expertise, and solid communication to ensure that our clients receive the highest price on the best terms. Our goal is to ensure that a private equity firm is set free to do what it does best—create value.